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The Worlds First Sports Boot


Adaptive Ankle Protection

Engaging only when needed

to protect the ankle from twisting.

Featuring patented technology from Betterguards™

to guard against dangerous twisting forces

Engaging 3x faster

than human anatomy to block further motion

Designed for outdoor adventure sports, the TERREIN Ascent hiking shoe features an innovative adaptive ankle protection system which engages only when needed - protecting the ankle from twisting.

Should your ankle face dangerous twisting forces, our adaptive protection system engages three times faster than human anatomy can, blocking further motion, and allowing you to regain level footing.

It integrates a mini-piston, also referred to as an “adaptor”, which guards against dangerous twisting forces acting on the ankle.

Movement beyond limits

Maximum Traction

Proprietary outsole with high grip rubber compound and specific lug design maximizing grip for ascending and descending on the trail.

Responsive cushioning

PU midsole featuring responsive cushioning - delivering both high energy absorption as well as exceptional energy return.

Maximum Breathability

Made of a selection of premium layers, the upper offers optimal comfort and breathability.

All season

Ideally engineered for variable weather conditions, TERREIN low cut architecture uses a high abrasion textile with strategically located water resistant backing.

Freedom of motion

TERREIN’s hybrid construction combines natural freedom of motion with effective joint protection - allowing wearers to enjoy outdoor experiences without focus on physical and mental restrictions.

The Path

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Is yours
to shape

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Made in europe

Our shoe is designed, engineered and produced in Europe for the European market


Speak to any of our team at TERREIN - from designers to engineers … we are happy to answer any questions, or just take you through our product


Our shoe is produced in sensible numbers, tailored to the local demand.
By manufacturing locally and responsibly, we are developing a shorter, less complex supply chain which is ultimately kinder to the planet as a result of the reduction in carbon footprint.

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